Our Investments

Building a Foundation for Stable Growth

Capital Consortium is a private conglomerate with investments in real estate, outsourcing, distribution, green energy, and logistics in the United States.

Founded by Sean M Young, Capital Consortium is focused on creating a sound and well-balanced portfolio by maturing and developing into the growth potential of their core markets.

Within in the past decade, the growth of our business has reached to other global markets. This is a strong testament to our commitment to deliver steady growth in assets and earnings. Our goal is to continue to the development of long term sustainable growth by utilizing the current foundation in which our company is built.

Real Estate Investing

The Hamilton Fund provides a low risk solution in investing and access to borrowers to lend for real estate property acquisition

Outsource & Distribution

Global Outsource Group is assisting business' in managing their marketing and administrative services. Providing in order fulfillment and distribution

Green Energy

Edison Energy Co initiative is to offer alternative solutions for energy for a greener tomorrow


Capital Logistics is lending their experience and technology to assist in one of the busiest ports in the United States

Wealth Management

The Trade Chain is in position to provide a sound solution in investing