Green Responsibility


We are proud to provide solutions to alternative energy to conserve the already depleted natural resources and offer a renewable source that greatly reduces the carbon footprint at a global level

Promoting Renewable Energy

Our company, Edison Energy Co.  facilitates and promotes the usage of renewable green energy within our Solar Energy Program. We make both business and household owners aware of alternative solutions that are available within their community in partnerships with their local energy supplier. These programs also have economic benefits at both local and federal government level in which the cost of investing into renewable energy is at nearly no cost out of pocket to the consumer.  We have agreements with local energy suppliers that provide unique programs that would generate credit to those utilizing renewable energy by purchasing excess energy created by the solar panels installed at their home and/or business

Managing our Energy Usage

It is our policy to install all the available products that consume energy daily. Where air con is needed, we install units with inverter technology and smart controls when the areas are not in use. Where accessible, we install solar panels as an alternative means of energy consumption greatly reducing the dependence of conventional resources.  All our facilities are installed with the latest technology in LED lighting, and we make sure that all goods we utilize has a high EER rating