Our Company

Capital Consortium is an emerging conglomerate in the United States that is laying the foundation to make a global impact. Investments in Real Estate, Logistics, Outsourcing and Distribution contribute to the potential growth within the sectors. It continues to find viable partners and ventures that have similar belief of attracting positive cashflow and returns.

Real Estate

Capital Consortium’s real estate arm is in the process of phasing out its traditional business of buying and selling homes and is focusing on a less risk opportunity in its company The MOR Group. Offering secure investments through income producing commercial assets.


Capital Consortium has a footprint in the logistics sector by the way of Capital Logisitcs.

Capital Logisitcs is strategically located by one of the busiest ports in the Untied States and has increased its freight and manpower to match the growing demand of freight handling and delivery. Adding the cutting-edge technology to manage and track all freight going in and out of their facility.  The company has grown as a competitive player in an already crowded market.

Outsource & Distribution

Leaving the United States to increase its size and market space, Capital Consortium, moved its operations to the Philippines and Dominican Republic.  Global Outsource group was formally formed and has made an impact in revenue growth in the outsourcing industry.  GOG, now provides both incoming and outgoing call services, virtual assistance, technical support and other administrative duties that is a great cost saving measure for any business.  Making the partnership profitable on both ends.

Recently, GOG increased its exposure in the distribution sector to assist in the growing demand of medical supplies and much needed household goods during the pandemic of 2020.  Initially focusing in both central and east United States, it has recently expanded to service neighboring countries. 

Investment Opportunities

Looking to capitalize in the emerging growth opportunities in forex, stocks, and crypto currency.  Capital Consortium opted to invest in these markets.  MMM was formed and operates in the premise of researching and investing in areas that have positive outlooks in gains for both the short and long term.  Their currently portfolio comprises of carefully selected positions that within the period of a year has seen growth as much as 50x its original market value.  MMM and its manager are continually studying industry patterns and opportunities to assist in the growth of the portfolio with also recognizes the risk involved.  This strategy,  has provided Capital Consortium with a foot print in the area of trade.


To build a global conglomerate by developing sustainable and profitable businesses that would make an impact within the communities that we market


To continue to lay the foundation in attaining sustainable growth that will not only help the company grow in revenue but assist the employees and partners that work diligently to achieve our goals.  Setting the standard in the markets we invest in today and to the markets we will consider tomorrow.